Ratatouille (2007)


Envisioned, prepped, cooked, garnished & served by the finest artists at Pixar Animation Studios, Ratatouille is a delicious blend of imagination, creativity & craftsmanship that wonderfully combines its fresh ingredients with meticulous care & attention to detail, is flavoured with healthy dose of wit & huge shot of inspiration which is then simmered to perfection under its impeccable direction, excellent screenplay & fascinating characters, followed by its garnishing with breathtaking animation, expert use of colour palettes & enchanting score, and is finally presented on the table in an exquisitely refined fashion.

Set in the locales of Paris, the story of Ratatouille concerns Remy; a very ambitious rat who is gifted with a highly developed sense of taste n smell, is skilled in the art of cooking & wants to become a great chef. While his rodent appearance & human’s aversion to rats already pose a fatal threat to his passion for cooking, new doors of possibilities are opened when a fateful event separates him from his family & takes him to the famous restaurant of his culinary hero where he attempts to accomplish his goal by forming an odd alliance with the restaurant’s garbage boy which turns the entire culinary world upside down.

Written & directed by Brad Bird, Ratatouille marks yet another achievement for Pixar as this revolutionary studio continues to scale bigger milestones with its impeccable fusion of quality storytelling with breathtaking animation and of all the films they’ve dished out so far, this is my personal favourite. The immaculate precision with which every frame is rendered here speaks volumes about the extensive research that went into its production and whether it is the depiction of Parisian streets, French cuisines, culinary art or rodent lifestyle, Ratatouille manages to capture these tiniest of details with sublime delicacy.

The 3D computer animation from Pixar has always been at the forefront of its medium & with Ratatouille, it pushes that art form into new realms to set another high benchmark. The strongest proof that Pixar simply nailed it when it comes to capturing the essence of food & culinary art can be found in those moments in which we find ourselves salivating for what actually are computer-generated cuisines. Add to that, the characters inhabiting this picture are well-rounded with rich, lifelike & defined arcs and although its plot takes the road-less-travelled, Pixar manages to come out a winner in the end just like before.

While characters in almost all their films are brilliantly designed, wonderfully detailed & smoothly rendered on the screen, there is one more thing that plays a vital role behind its success but rarely gets enough credit & it is the contribution of its impressive voice-cast. Pixar has always come up with a fitting list of actors to voice their amazing characters & with Ratatouille, the tradition continues for the French accent here is pretty much spot-on. Finally, we have Michael Giacchino’s beautiful, heartwarming & mesmerising score which turns this feature into a roller-coaster ride with its elegant yet adventurous tracks.

On an overall scale, Ratatouille marks Pixar’s 8th consecutive home-run on both critical & commercial scale, and is one mouth-watering mixture of art, ambition & awesomeness that’s as satiating emotionally as it is viscerally. Fabulously directed, brilliantly written, superbly narrated, cleverly humoured, gorgeously animated, wonderfully photographed, precisely edited, steadily paced & spectacularly scored, Ratatouille is a hugely enjoyable, thoroughly entertaining & extremely satisfying cinema that radiates its heartfelt warmth quite effectively throughout its runtime. Awe-inspiring, motivating, hunger-inducing & evocative, this finger-lickin’ delicious culinary classic comes delightfully recommended.

Ratatouille Screenshot